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Latest News on the UK Hydrogen Economy - 08/06/23

Ames Goldsmith Ceimig, as a manufacturer of catalysts such as Iridium Oxide, Iridium Ruthenium Oxide, Iridium Black, Platinum Black & Platinum on Carbon support, are strong supports of the emerging Hydrogen Economy and supply many manufacturers of Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology including PEM Electrolysers and PEM Fuel Cells.

In the UK we are members of the UKHFCA & SHFCA. Here are some of the recent developments in Hydrogen happening in the UK and affecting the Hydrogen Economy more broadly:

Norway and UK to cooperate more closely on hydrogen - Weblink

Norway and the UK have today (March 1) announced they will work together on hydrogen.

Building off years of cooperation on carbon capture and storage (CCS) Norway and the UK have announced a strengthened partnership to cooperate more closely on hydrogen.

Under a newly signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), the countries have agreed to regularly exchange knowledge and experience related to low-carbon hydrogen production, transport, and storage, as well as developing standards and certification.

US and UK reaffirm hydrogen in clean energy drive - Weblink

Hydrogen was firmly on the agenda during US-US strategic energy dialogue discussions held today between US Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer M. Granholm and UK Department for Energy Security and Net Zero Secretary of State, the Rt. Hon. Grant Shapps.

The third meeting, held in London, builds on previous discussions as both countries look to enhance energy security and resilience, clean energy and meet Net Zero objectives. Alongside hydrogen, discussions focused on supporting civil nuclear, floating offshore wind, and grid flexibility and storage projects.

UK Government backs £5.4m autonomous liquid hydrogen vessel and infrastructure project - Weblink

A consortium working to build and showcase the ‘world’s first’ liquid hydrogen autonomous vessel and bunkering infrastructure has won a £3.8m ($4.59m) grant from the UK Government.

The £5.4m ($6.5m) project from the Hydrogen Innovation – Future Innovation & Vessel Evaluation and Demonstration (HI-FIVED) consortium headed up by ACUA Ocean and Unitrove, aims to build and showcase an autonomous vessel and bunkering infrastructure technologies for liquid hydrogen to contribute to the decarbonisation of the maritime industry.

DNV to launch phase 2 of offshore H2 pipelines joint industry project - Weblink

DNV is launching the second phase of H2Pipe, a joint industry project (JIP) aiming to develop a new code for the design, re-qualification, construction and operation of offshore pipelines to transport H2–either pure or blended with natural gas.

DNV’s Hydrogen Forecast to 2050 anticipates that over 50% of H2 pipelines globally (and as much as 80% in some regions) will be repurposed from existing natural gas pipeline networks, as it is expected to cost less than 35% of new builds.

Stanlow Terminals develops green ammonia import terminal in the Port of Liverpool - Weblink

Stanlow Terminals Ltd has announced they are to develop a major new open access import terminal for green ammonia in the Port of Liverpool. The new terminal, which will be an expansion of Stanlow Terminal’s existing facilities, will provide the connecting infrastructure to enable significant volumes of green ammonia to be imported into the UK. The new terminal contributes to Essar’ ambition to be a major hub of low carbon energy innovation and leader in production globally.

Budweiser and Protium to decarbonise UK brewing with green hydrogen - Weblink

UK-based Protium has today (March 15) revealed plans to decarbonise Budweiser Brewing Group’s Samlesbury, UK, brewery with green hydrogen energy.

The Samlesbury Net Zero project, coupled with other initiatives, aims to help Budweiser’s Samlesbury brewery to meet its thermal, heating and transport needs through green hydrogen energy.

Ricardo provides hydrogen safety training for UK bus operators - Weblink

Strategic environmental and engineering consulting company, Ricardo, has revealed it has delivered hydrogen awareness, safety and incident response training to employees of UK hydrogen-powered bus operators.

Ricardo was appointed to Bright & Hove Buses and Metrobus by the National Chemical Emergency Centre (NCEC) to deliver accredited training on safety and incident response in relation to hydrogen and fuel cells to operational staff.

Hynamics partners with Menter Môn on Welsh hydrogen hub - Weblink

EDF Group’s hydrogen subsidiary Hynamics has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Menter Môn to accelerate the development of the Holyhead Hydrogen Hub in Anglesey, Wales, UK.

Managed by social enterprise group Menter Môn, the project has gained planning approval and is looking to secure funding to continue development with hopes of kickstarting operation in 2025.

Renewable energy and hydrogen projects part of Japan’s £17.7bn investment, says UK Government - Weblink

The UK Government has said Japanese businesses are set to invest £17.7bn ($22bn) into the UK, including a potential £10bn ($12.4bn) from Marubeni for its offshore wind and low-carbon hydrogen projects.

Revealed at a business reception in Tokyo, Japan, on the eve of the G7 Summit (May 18), UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said the new investments were a “massive vote of confidence in the UK’s dynamic economy, from some of Japan’s top firms.”


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