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Diabetes Mediators for Electrochemical Sensing

As part of our sensor materials product line, Ames Goldsmith Ceimig has developed 'in house' process routes to highly pure Ruthenium (III) hexaammine trichloride (RHT). The synthetic process has been fully validated to human trials under FDA criteria. The RHT shows excellent linear correlation to a two-dimensional regression fit for glucose concentration with amperometric response.

We have also synthesized and developed highly pure routes to tris-methoxy-2, 2’-bipyridyl Osmium (II) chloride and bis-2, 2’-bipyridylimidazole Osmium (II) chloride. Ceimig limited has been selling RHT for over four years to catalogue houses and diabetes strip manufacturing companies. The material is highly pure and constant with lot-to-lot reproducibility which has been integrated into our quality assurance.

Ames Goldsmith Ceimig has developed these compounds as part of custom synthesis and scale development program. Major Pharma companies put a number of target complexes through Ceimig where our highly skilled chemists synthesize and scale routes to manufacture the materials of interest. Ceimig chemists interact with your application engineers under NDA to optimize product performance and chemical specifications that locks into your process definitions.

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