Suppliers of high quality precious metal compounds

and powders

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Manufacturers of high quality precious metal catalysts, compounds and powders

Ceimig is a division of the Ames Goldsmith Corporation focusing on the green energy & safety markets. Ceimig is a team of highly experienced Catalytic Chemists, Chemical Engineers and Scientists based in Dundee, Scotland.

The company was founded in 2005 to commercialise precious metal products and research concepts.  Areas of focus are PEM Electrolyser Catalysts, PEM Fuel Cell Catalysts, Gas Sensor Catalysts & Osmium Compounds.

Product Enquiries

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Technical Enquiries

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Unique Technologies

Learn more about our Unique Technologies here.

Ceimig materials typically outperform conventionally available materials in terms of quality, consistency, innovation and performance characteristics. Our customers value the access to our scientific and technical expertise that we provide and our ability to optimise standard materials or to develop new materials to specific customer requirements.

Ceimig focuses on the development and manufacture of Catalytic Materials and compounds of Precious Metals for customers in a wide varierty of industrial applications. From our 8,500ft facility in Dundee we specialise in:

• Catalytic compounds for PEM Electrolysers & Fuel Cell and Catalyst ink formulations

• Catalytic compounds for Gas Sensors and Bio-Sensors

• Non particulate precious metal Inks for Medical and Printed Electronics applications

• Manufacture and supply of a range of high quality catalytic material products for sensor applications.

• Custom Compound Synthesis Services - development of customer specific catalysts and precious metal            compounds

• Research and development of new technologies such as precious metal non-particulate inks and catalysts for applications in the sensor industries

Please feel free to contact us for further information regarding any of our products or for a discussion to find out how we can support your companies needs, either by phone on +44(0)1382 624127 or use the

relevant Product Enquiry or Technical Enquiry forms.

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