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PGM Price Movement Snapshot – Nov 21

As a precious metal chemistry specialist, we are in touch with banks & trade houses and are constantly monitoring the fluctuating metals market. Last year, the Covid-19 situation threw the market into some turmoil.

Metal prices can now be tracked on our home page:

In order to assist our customers, such as PEM electrolyser manufacturers, PEM Fuel Cell manufacturers and sensor manufacturers, we have put together the below information so you can have a snapshot of the trend in the market over the last month and the last 3 months:

Platinum – Late October and into November saw Platinum prices rise above $1000/Toz and push close to $1100/Toz. News of the new Omicron variant, particularly its origin in South Africa and the potential for production issues as a result of this, may be responsible for the recent drop in price.

Iridium – The iridium price has continued to reduce as supply normalises. The price is still extremely high against historical pricing but has reduced from the highs seen in spring.

Ruthenium - Likewise Ruthenium saw a slight reduction in price as supply recovered but is still high against historical pricing.

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