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PGM Price Movement Snapshot – Jun 21

As a precious metal chemistry specialist, we are in touch with banks & trade houses and are constantly monitoring the fluctuating metals market. Last year, the Covid-19 situation threw the market into some turmoil.

Metal prices can now be tracked on our home page:

In order to assist our customers, such as PEM electrolyser manufacturers, PEM Fuel Cell manufacturers and sensor manufacturers, we have put together the below information so you can have a snapshot of the trend in the market over the last month and the last 3 months:

Platinum – For the last few month the platinum price has fluctuated between $1000- $1200/Toz. Anglo's Phase A converter is back up and running from mid-December and outputs are returning to normal but as economy's start to recover due to vaccine rollout the demand is also increasing. South Africa is currently experiencing its worst wave of coronavirus yet during the southern winter and entering another lockdown. It is hoped that this will not further affect mine operations.

Iridium – The iridium price has finally turned and started to reduce from the highs seen in May & June. There is still a substantial spread across the different platforms reporting pricing. The price still remains significantly inflated compared to historical pricing and we will need to monitor to see what becomes the new trading norm.

Ruthenium - Likewise ruthenium has seen a price drop from the highs seen in May & June but is still high against historic pricing..


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