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PGM Price Movement Snapshot – Dec 21

As a precious metal chemistry specialist, we are in touch with banks & trade houses and are constantly monitoring the fluctuating metals market. Last year, the Covid-19 situation threw the market into some turmoil.

Metal prices can now be tracked on our home page:

In order to assist our customers, such as PEM electrolyser manufacturers, PEM Fuel Cell manufacturers and sensor manufacturers, we have put together the below information so you can have a snapshot of the trend in the market over the last month and the last 3 months:

Platinum – Platinum traded sub $1000/Toz through December but has rallied as we enter January. News of the new Omicron variant, particularly its origin in South Africa and the potential for production issues as a result of this, may have been responsible for the drop in price in December. As South Africa seems to be emerging from this latest wave earlier than expected and with the reported mildness of the variant this may be the reasons for the recent rally.

Iridium – The iridium price has continued to reduce as supply normalises. The price is still very high against historical pricing but has reduced from the highs seen in spring.

Ruthenium - Likewise Ruthenium saw a slight reduction in price as supply recovered but is still high against historical pricing.

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