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PGM Price Movement Snapshot - Dec 20

As a precious metal chemistry specialist, we are in touch with banks & trade houses and are constantly monitoring the fluctuating metals market. The recent Covid-19 situation has thrown the market into some turmoil.

Metal prices can now be tracked on our home page:

In order to assist our customers, such as PEM electrolyser manufacturers, PEM Fuel Cell manufacturers and sensor manufacturers, we have put together the below information so you can have a snapshot of the trend in the market over the last month and the last 3 months:

Platinum – Platinum broke the $1000/Toz mark in December and headed toward $1100/Toz. This is mainly down to production issues in South Africa.

Iridium – December saw to first real price jump in Iridium for over 2 years. By the end of December the Iridium price had increased to $2550/Toz. This is because of the production issues mentioned above. It is hoped this price increase will be short lived but we will need to see how the market reacts as availability gets better in the new year.

Ruthenium - Ruthenium price remained relatively stable at $270/Toz

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