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Latest News on the UK Hydrogen Economy - 17/02/21

Ames Goldsmith Ceimig, as a manufacturer of catalysts such as Iridium Oxide, Iridium Ruthenium Oxide, Iridium Black, Platinum Black & Platinum on Carbon support, are strong supports of the emerging Hydrogen Economy and supply many manufacturers of Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology including PEM Electrolysers and PEM Fuel Cells.

In the UK we are members of the UKHFCA & SHFCA. Here are some of the recent developments in Hydrogen happening in the UK and affecting the Hydrogen Economy more broadly:

Hydrogen Council publishes report on H2 Decarbonisation Pathways: weblink

The Hydrogen Council has released a new report on Hydrogen Decarbonization Pathways. This report provides new data based on an assessment of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions generated through different hydrogen supply pathways and the lifecycle GHG emissions for different hydrogen applications. It goes on to explores three hypothetical hydrogen supply scenarios to measure the feasibility and impact of deploying renewable and low-carbon hydrogen at scale. The report concludes that low-carbon hydrogen supply at scale is economically and environmentally feasible and will have significant societal benefits if the right localised approach and best-practices for hydrogen production are used.

Shipping wind & sun to Belgium as Green H2: weblink

In order to meet the challenge of the transition to a carbon-neutral society by 2050 many countries will need to look beyond local production of renewable energy generated domestically or offshore. The import of renewable energy will play an essential role in this respect.

A new study has been released by the Belgian hydrogen import coalition, a collaboration between SHFCA member DEME, with ENGIE, Exmar, Fluxys, Port of Antwerp, Port of Zeebrugge and WaterstofNet. This concludes that renewable hydrogen imports are both technically and economically feasible.

This report finds that renewable imported molecules will become a vital part of the EU energy mix. Renewable energy imports originating from wind and sun will become a necessary and vital part of the energy supply for many European countries to achieve a carbon neutral society by 2050. Circular and sustainable imports of energy together with local renewable electricity production will offer security of supply, stability and flexibility. Market dynamics will decide on the optimal balance between domestic production and imports.

Plans for UK-wide network of hydrogen hubs unveiled: weblink

Plans for a UK-wide network of hydrogen stations that would reduce the cost of hydrogen by more than 20% have been unveiled today (26th Jan).

A new deal between UK geoscience and geospatial products firm Getech Group and H2 Green will see the two companies locate, rank and build a network of large-scale hydrogen generation, storage and refuelling hubs, around a model that represents a shift from higher-cost, on-demand hydrogen production, to a system designed around surplus storage and optimised cost.

‘Alternative Energy Car Of The Year’ Award for NEXO at GQ Car Awards: weblink

Hyundai’s hydrogen-powered Fuel Cell vehicle, NEXO, is awarded ‘Alternative Energy Car Of The Year’ Award at annual GQ Car Awards 2021

British GQ praises Hyundai for: “boldly going where only a few manufacturers have gone before”, and comments on how they believe hydrogen could be a “more efficient and practical automotive power source”

New blueprint plots the course for UK’s first hydrogen town by 2030: weblink

Britain’s hydrogen ambitions are set to be turned into reality with the unveiling today of a major new blueprint plotting the course to deliver the UK’s first hydrogen town by 2030.

First announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson as part of his ’10 Point Plan for A Green Industrial Revolution, the UK’s five gas network operators today (21st Jan) revealed detailed and practical plans on how they will transition the country’s gas networks away from delivering natural gas to delivering hydrogen instead.

Britain’s Hydrogen Network Plan, published as part of Energy Networks Association’s Gas Goes Green programme, sets out the work Cadent, National Grid, Northern Gas Networks, SGN and Wales & West Utilities will undertake to meet the UK’s other hydrogen objectives, including being ready by 2023 to blend up to 20% hydrogen into local gas grids and to help the UK meet its hydrogen production target of 1GW by 2025 and 5GW by 2030.

UK's first commercial green ammonia project planned for Orkney: weblink

Eneus Energy has gained planning consent for its proposed green hydrogen/ammonia plant in Orkney, Scotland, putting the company on track to deliver the first commercial plant of its kind in the UK. The development, along with the proposed wind turbines extension at Hammars Hill, was approved by the Orkney Council Planning Committee at a meeting on 20th January 2021.

BBC completes broadcast powered by green hydrogen in the UK: weblink

An entire episode of BBC Studios Natural History Unit’s Winterwatch was powered by a hydrogen power unit and energy saving batteries last night (26th Jan), making TV history in the UK as the world’s first large-scale outside broadcast unit to be powered by green hydrogen.

The milestone achievement announced today (27th Jan) is the result of a partnership between GeoPura™ and Siemens Energy, which are supplying continuous uninterrupted, emissions free, critical electrical power to BBC Bristol’s outside broadcast unit with a GeoPura™ 250kW hydrogen power unit.

Riversimple backed by Siemens, gearing up to mass produce hydrogen car: weblink

Riversimple is gearing up to mass produce its hydrogen-powered eco coupe after the British hydrogen car firm secured the backing of tech giant Siemens.

The UK company wants to start commercial production of the Rasa in 2023 and production of a lightweight commercial van the following year.

Element Two wants to deploy 800+ hydrogen pumps in the UK by 2027: weblink

Element Two has big plans for hydrogen in the UK and wants to deploy more than 800 hydrogen pumps in the country in the next six years.

This would be a massive breakthrough for the UK’s hydrogen mobility sector, which at the moment has a classic “chicken and egg” situation going on.

Hydrogen-powered ambulance to hit London roads this autumn: weblink

The London Ambulance Service NHS Trust (LAS) could have a hydrogen-powered ambulance on the roads by autumn this year.

ULEMCo today (10th Feb) shared news of the project stating it has finalised designs of the vehicle and is now progressing to the prototype build stage.


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