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Latest News on the UK Hydrogen Economy - 12/08/21

Ames Goldsmith Ceimig, as a manufacturer of catalysts such as Iridium Oxide, Iridium Ruthenium Oxide, Iridium Black, Platinum Black & Platinum on Carbon support, are strong supports of the emerging Hydrogen Economy and supply many manufacturers of Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology including PEM Electrolysers and PEM Fuel Cells.

In the UK we are members of the UKHFCA & SHFCA. Here are some of the recent developments in Hydrogen happening in the UK and affecting the Hydrogen Economy more broadly:

H2 Green unveils transformational clean energy hub plan for Shoreham - Weblink

H2 Green, a Getech business, has signed a deal with Shoreham Port to develop a renewable energy hub that will remove emissions from its fleet of trucks and HGVs and be a catalyst for the wider region’s transport decarbonization.

The development will include the creation of a hydrogen hub integrated with onshore wind and solar power generation.

With transport decarbonization high on the agenda at COP26 last week, the development will provide 100% green hydrogen and renewable electricity to the port’s fleet of heavy forklift trucks and HGVs in its first phase, with the ambition to supply hydrogen to fuel the 800 HGVs that enter the -ort each day, reducing emissions and noise.

The plans from the Edinburgh based infrastructure developer also include an ammonia importation facility, which would be used to carry hydrogen, connecting the Port to large scale green energy projects worldwide, which would deliver lower cost green fuel to benefit local users.

bp plans major green H2 project in Teesside - Weblink

bp confirmed it is planning a new large-scale green hydrogen production facility in the North East of England that could deliver up to 500 MWe (megawatt electrical input) of hydrogen production ‎by 2030.

To be developed in multiple stages, HyGreen Teesside is expected to match production to demand ‎and build on experience to drive down costs. bp is aiming to start production by 2025, with an initial ‎phase of some 60 MWe of installed hydrogen production capacity. A final investment decision on the ‎project is expected in 2023.‎

Hygreen Teesside is the latest addition to bp’s integrated UK business portfolio, which includes 3 GW ‎gross of offshore wind in the Irish Sea, delivering 16,000 UK charging points by 2030 and bp and ‎Aberdeen city’s partnership deal.

Southampton to be converted into a UK hydrogen hub - Weblink

Southampton, UK, could be set to transform into a hydrogen hub with ExxonMobil, SGN, and Green Investment Group (GIG) all signing agreements to achieve this goal.

Revealed today (Dec 8), the Southampton Hydrogen Hub will drive down carbon emissions from one of the UK’s largest industrial clusters with the memorandum of understanding (MoU) set to be critical in developing an international hydrogen supply chain.

Southampton also has access to one of the UK’s largest international ports which could be an important aspect of the hydrogen hub.

UK’s ATI to develop liquid green hydrogen flights to make any location in the world available with just one stop - Weblink

Hydrogen is set to make any global location accessible by plane with just one stop as part of a new project revealed today (Dec 6) by the UK’s Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI).

In fact, the potential for this technology is limitless with the project aiming to develop a green liquid hydrogen-powered plane that could revolutionise air transportation.

The concept aircraft has a capacity of 279 passengers, a range of 5250 nautical miles and will be developed by the UK Government backed FlyZero project pooling hydrogen expertise to make the aircraft a reality.

ATI reference the potential of liquid green hydrogen, not just for regional air transportation but for global connectivity.

Falcon release commercial H2 cooking appliances - Weblink

Falcon, the leading UK commercial catering equipment manufacturer, today introduces a range of hydrogen-powered commercial catering equipment to its portfolio. The company has been working for several years on the project, linking with Enertek International, the research and engineering consultants, and hydrogen specialists.

“We are incredibly proud to be the first to market with these products,” says Peter McAllister, Managing Director of Falcon. “Introducing hydrogen-ready appliances is vital if the foodservice industry is to meet its net-zero carbon commitments. The team at Enertek, in conjunction with our Research and Development, have done a brilliant job in developing the appliances and gaining the necessary approvals and certification.” Paul Needley, Managing Director of Enertek International says “it is a privilege to work in partnership with Falcon on this ground breaking development backed by BEIS (The Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy) via the Hy4Heat program.”

Falcon’s hydrogen-powered line-up includes a new variant of its award-winning Dominator Six Burner G3101 Range as well as chargrills, griddles, grills, and fryers. The range of products is designed for on and off-grid use to support the UK Governments’ efforts in scaling up low carbon hydrogen supply.

Genevos to provide marine-based hydrogen fuel cells for Orkney-based RoRo ferry - Weblink

As part of a £2.2m ($2.93) deal revealed today (Nov 25), Genevos will provide a marine-based hydrogen fuel cell to power a zero-emission RoRo ferry based in Orkney, Scotland.

Being led by EMEC Hydrogen, the seven-month project will include a range of different applications within the sphere of hydrogen such as storage, the supply of on-board auxiliary power using hydrogen fuel cells, and also the use of hydrogen in a conventional ferry propulsion engine.


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